Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bucks County, PA

Started at Ringing Rocks and then went through Doylestown, Horsham, Hatboro, Willow Grove, Abington. I'd expected a bit of snow but only Ringing Rocks had anything at all, and it was ice. There was mud everywhere else, most likely from the rain earlier in the morning.

TeamFlashlight 1, Ringing Rocks (Pennsylvania)
Ringing Rocks Park in Upper Black Eddy. Icy path but a short walk from parking. Wanted to pound on some ringing rocks with a hammer but the rock field was in a different direction and all the trails were icy so left that for another day.

Puzzler (Pennsylvania)
Unnamed open space area in Doylestown.

Kick Me (Pennsylvania)
Unnamed open space area in Doylestown.

SBUX 43 - Right in the heart of D'town (Pennsylvania)
Urban cache near a Starbucks. The hardest part was retrieving and rehiding the cache as the area was very busy.

Jarrett Road Cache (Pennsylvania)
Jarrett Road in Horsham. The portion of the road leading to the cache is closed to traffic so it has become a walking/biking path.

Horsham Park2 (Pennsylvania)
Carl Kohler Park in Horsham. The last time I drove by this park, which was last year, the whole park was closed because of storm damage. Today, one trail was still closed but thankfully not the trail leading to the cache. I saw that a number of damaged trees have been cut down.

SWAMP CACHE (Pennsylvania)
Across from the Hatboro Borough Hall in Hatboro. Smallest municipal parking lot I've ever seen. Just a quick walk across a field to the area.

Kinko's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Parking lot cache in Willow Grove. Near a Kinko's as the name indicates.

Behind the Haunted Football Field (Pennsylvania)
Near a football field in Abington. There was an old building on the way in and one cacher mentioned that it was the heating plant for the high school that used to be there. Other pictures: side of the building, the graffiti, roof of the building.


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