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I got a check for $13.86 from the CD Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation Settlement. That's not bad as I didn't expect to get anything out of that class action lawsuit.

Frank, a Georger, has written a stats tool that ranks the top Where's George users by average hits per day and average bills entered per day. He also has stats averages for the top users in each state along with a graphing tool. Very nifty. Where's George isn't a competition, of course, but that doesn't mean we don't want to know where we stand. :)

Anyway, I was looking at the data for New Jersey and surprisingly, only a small handful of Georgers in this state get more than 2 hits per day on average. Indeed, the top 100 Georgers in this state get only 103.4 hits per day combined, or barely over 1 hit per person per day. So WG's big hitters are rarer than I thought.

Fotolog has been running a lot more smoothly over the past few weeks. I think it's great that they've been working on improving the website, especially after the many months of awful performance. My own fotolog is at and it has mostly photos taken at geocaching sites with the occasional weird object, animal and food item thrown in.

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