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It's a crummy day but someone's got to live it

Apologies in advance to all those who don't like to read angry LJ entries. I know this has been a topic of discussion recently so I hope I won't have to write anything like this too often.

$#^&% work. Manager changed the design again. Why do I even bother coming in if they are just going to waste my time? It must be the money because my having to go chew out a manager every so often is slowly but surely draining away any job satisfaction coming from this line of work.

$%*$(* timesheets. Another manager's bright idea. Look, it's not called flextime for no reason. I took this job because I know things are going to come up in my life that will screw up my schedule. Case in point: my dentist keeps trying to move my appointment earlier in the day. If they decide to fire me over this, the ship deserves to sink!

^#@^$# street repaving. I can't go home now! They could have finished it all last week while I was on vacation but noooo... they only do 50 feet (be still, my heart) of street a week and this week is my 50 feet.

#$&#%* georgers complaining in the Where's George forums about geo-george hits. If it's not supposed to be a competition, why are they always so green, like the dollars they stamp, with envy?

&&$*^%* can't think of the fifth thing I was mad at.

On the plus side, I did get a geocache at lunch time.

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