Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Leap Day in Long Island

Pretty nice day today with temperatures peaking at over 50°F. Trail conditions were generally good with some muddy patches and some remnants of snow.

Mac-4 (New York)
Berkley Jackson County Park in Huntington.

JMB-6, version 2.0: Motoring on The Greenbelt (New York)
LI Greenbelt Trail in Hauppauge. A short piece of the 50-mile Long Island Greenbelt trail.

Mayhem Crew Cache III (New York)
Ronkonkoma. Rather odd place for a cache but apparently, the cache owners work at the store.

Longwood - H8 (New York)
Longwood Estate (circa 1790) in Middle Island. This is a pretty old estate that has been turned into a park. It has its own cemetery. And stranger still, there are some stocks in the yard. In those days, when they talked about putting people in stocks, they didn't mean the S&P 500!

M&M-11 Glowing George (New York)
Wading River. (near nuclear power plant?)

Mac-1 Wildwood (New York)
Wildwood State Park in Wading River. Easy walk across the empty campground.

Mac-3 WG in Peconic (New York)
Goldsmith Inlet in Peconic. Easy walk overlooking a semi-frozen bay.

Mac-5 (New York)
Red Creek Park in Southampton. Quick and easy.

South haven again... (New York)
Southaven Park in Shirley. This is one tough way to get to the bank of the Carmans River. It started with having to squeeze through the closed gate. Then after the trail ran out, there was a trek through a swamp!


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