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Wild Things

Well, I'm not angry now. Thanks for understanding. The only issue that could remain a problem is the timesheets. I will tell the managers that they can have a bunch of clock watchers, or they can have a bunch of people who know what they are doing and do it well. Their choice. I don't think it's likely that they will force the issue though. I have ignored numerous other nuisance directives before and gone my own way.

And hey, in all the excitement, I forgot to report that I found a wild abe! That would be a $5 bill that has already been entered into Where's George. Very cool! Actually, I didn't see the marking on the bill while I was sorting the stack of bills because it was stamped only on the back and rather inconspicuously too. I only noticed that there was already a history for it when I entered its info.

Speaking of things that are wild, I took a quiz...

Which Wild Animal Are You?

Rank                           Item
#1 equals your best match
Your results are below... 

#1                             Coyote 
#2                             Red Fox 
#3                             Wolverine 
#4                             Raccoon 
#5                             Badger 
#6                             Gray Wolf 
#7                             Grizzly Bear 
#8                             River Otter 
#9                             Mountain Lion 
#10                            Deer Mouse 
#11                            Cottontail Rabbit 
#12                            Whitetail Deer 

Coyote? Who knew? :)


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