Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Circling around Philadelphia

Basically just went in a circle around Philadelphia today picking up geocaches. Then went into Philadelphia for the last two caches. Had dinner in Philadelphia and finding a parking space there was an exercise in driving round and round. Amazingly, I managed to get a parking space just across from the convention center. And Chinatown was a short walk from there.

florida pirate trail #3 closing the mouth (Pennsylvania)
Neshaminy State Park in Croydon. This little bit of park is on the other side of the Neshaminy Creek from the more familiar part of the Neshaminy State Park.

Tacony Palmyra (New Jersey)
Tacony-Palmyra Bridge in Palmyra. Multi-stage cache with two virtual stages and one physical cache. While it is a New Jersey cache, one of the virtual stages is on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River. Also visited the new nature center in the Palmyra Cove Nature Park. Rather spiffy.

S.S.U.S. (Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia. This cache is placed in an area with a view of the S.S.United States, a famous ocean liner that is now just sitting at a dock like a modern ruin.

Muggle Park (Pennsylvania)
Ridley Park Dam in Ridley Park. Quick and easy micro cache.

Mmmmm.... Beer (Pennsylvania)
Brookhaven. Near a beer warehouse. Heh.

Stealth is Key (Pennsylvania)
Aston. Another quick micro cache.

Fort Cache! (Pennsylvania)
Wooded area in Marcus Hook. Bushwhacked all the way but not too bad.

On the Move, Part I (Pennsylvania)
King of Prussia. This cache required some web research to find out what exactly it was referring to but that turned out to be not too difficult.

Parking Lot (Pennsylvania)
Morris Park in Philadelphia. An unusual location that appears to be a graveyard for cars, such as this jeep.

Treetop Pilgrimage (Pennsylvania)
Fairmount Park (Wissahickon) in Philadelphia. Interesting location with a good view and a statue with only the inscription "Toleration". What is that about?

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