Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Unfortunately, there's no PalmVim...

The search for a good text editor (i.e. not limited to 4KB per document) for Palm OS began last year before NaNoWriMo. To recap, the choices were:
  • QED (okay, but worth the registration fee?)
  • WordSmith (overkill for what I was doing)
  • FreeWrite (licensed for educational use only)
Recently, I came across SiEd, which is open source. Doesn't seem to work though. When I save a text file, it doesn't create a .pdb file. Instead, it only adds a record to SiEd.prc and that results in nothing getting transferred back to the PC on the next hotsync. Oh well. I'll dash off a quick email to the author to find out what's going wrong.

This afternoon, I mailed a bunch of stuff off to David Walberg for his archive. I had a bunch of Funny Paperz contributor's copies so I stuck a few in. Also threw in some copies of comic strips and some miscellaneous sketches and drawings that I had no further use for. While at the post office, I checked my P.O. Box and found that payment was due. Oops. So I paid. Good thing the post office had not closed it.
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