Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey

Sunny but somewhat colder weather today. A very long day trip to Salem County. Probably shouldn't do that too often. The most unusual location was Delaware East of the Delaware. That cache was on a slice of land on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River that actually belongs to Delaware! Go figure.

A few caches didn't go so well. I ran into fellow geocacher Frolickin at OLD STATE 9 OF THE 2003 CACHE HUNT. Both of us looked for it but neither of us could find it. Also went for washhhupppp but only found a mysterious note in a liquor bottle and the note said that they took all the stuff and left a note in a bottle. Bah.

Don't Assume I'm Pink (New Jersey)
Assunpink Wildlife Management Area in Roosevelt. An easy one after a short drive on a dirt road.

Up The (little Shabakunk) Creek (New Jersey)
Little Shabakunk Creek in Trenton. This cache was relocated because a neighbor complain. Indeed I was questioned by that neighbor the last time I was here so naturally, I was a bit apprehensive about this placement too. But all was well or so I thought. There were people watching silently for some reason.

Ant's treasure (New Jersey)
Neighborhood ballpark in Riverside. A quick one but quite a bit off from the highway.

stuck-up (New Jersey)
Thorofare. Don't even ask where or what this is. As far as any of my maps are concerned, none of the roads in this neighborhood exist! Must be a new development so it's great that they have a trail system already in place.

Brodies Travel Bug Hideaway (New Jersey)
Marlton Recreation Park in Woodstown.

Pea Patch (New Jersey)
Fort Mott State Park in Salem. A quick one.

Delaware East of the Delaware (Delaware)
Killcohook Wildlife Refuge in Delaware?? This bizarre piece of land on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River actually belongs to the State of Delaware! It was mostly an easy walk on top of a levee.

OOPS, I'm Lost?! (New Jersey)
Alloway Creek Wetlands Restoration Area in Salem. This is the trail that lots of folks have taken by mistake on the way to another cache so it's great that there is now a cache here. Took a picture of the sunset on my way out.


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