Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The last week of winter?

BLANDINA'S TRADING POST/Priceless Treasure 4 Trade
Went out for this cache in the morning. It is in the Continental Soldiers Park in Mahwah, NJ. I'd have left it for later but I wanted to get it before the snow came. It is a rather large cache that looks like a treasure chest. I hope it doesn't get stolen or plundered as it may be too obvious even hidden the way it was.

By midday the snow had started. It continued snowing throughout the day and into the evening. I think there was about 5 inches of snow and the way it transformed the landscape back into a winter wonderland was pretty dramatic.

Before the snow

This was taken at the geocache site in the Continental Soldiers Park in Mahwah. The snow hadn't started yet.

During the snow

This was taken out my back window in the early afternoon. The snow was coming down rather heavily at that time.

During the snow #2

This was taken at the A&P parking lot in Woodcliff Lake. There was still some snow coming down and it looks like winter again.

There's another forecast of snow for Friday.
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