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RC5-64 is done!

RC5-64 HAS BEEN SOLVED! That's the big news of the day. Actually rather anti-climactic as I'd gotten used to the daily routine of flushing out the proxy buffers and getting new work units. Until they announce the new projects, I have switched all the computers over to the OGR project, also from One thing about OGR is it does take a significant amount of time to process each OGR stub. That could be an advantage as the dnet clients won't run out of work to do even if the uplink goes down for the whole day as it has been known to do occasionally. (And when that happens, of course, I have PSInet to thank.)

Rain today. Wet wet wet... dropped some papers and stuff in the parking lot. Ugh. Drying now.

thrift store plushies

These are some of the plushies I got from thrift stores in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. The one in the middle is a handpuppet. Some were selling for as low as 25 cents but none were more than a few dollars. Of course, you have to remember that these are all used items and therefore need a wash. (Oh... better check them under the blacklight. :) )

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