Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Orange County, mostly

There was quite a bit of snow on the ground left by all those snowstorms and snowshowers this past week. The snow had started melting by midday so the ground was all muddy. Even with the snow, the geocaches were all findable, even the tiny one in the rock wall.

Hamilton House
Hamilton House in Clifton, NJ.
Picture: a rusty harvester

The Lurker at the Threshold
Harriman State Park in Highland Falls, NY. Bushwhacked through the snow to a dark mine. What fun.

pork chop lover
New Windsor, NY. Near a school. This seems to be the same cache from last year but moved across the street.

SMFD cache
Salisbury Mills, NY. A walk on a railbed. The initial part of the trip involved crossing a railroad bridge with some wooden planks missing and that was perilous.

Rememberance Walk
Orange County Arboretum in Montgomery, NY. The automatic gate is quite neat but I think they need it to keep the deer out of the arboretum. The cache is located near a September 11 Memorial.

Pete's favorite walk
Goose Pond Mountain State Park in Chester, NY. Long walk for this cache and the next one. The two combined were about a 3-mile round trip from parking but most of the walk was along a paved path, which is actually the defunct Lazy Hill Road.

Davis Cemetery Cache
Goose Pond Mountain State Park in Chester, NY. Near the Davis Family Cemetery.

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