Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Cold and windy today, especially on the Southern side of the island but otherwise, the weather was fine. The eTrex Legend malfunctioned while up at Bald Hill so I left it in the car and found the remaining caches using the backup GPS, a Magellan MAP330. Later, I found that the eTrex was once again working. That was after I had left the batteries out of the GPS for a few hours so maybe all it needed was the equivalent of a computer reboot.

RPA-45 Bunces Bridge
Connetquot State Park in Islip Terrace. Used the side entrance to the park as suggested. There are apparently a number of gates along the edge of the park. There is a good view of the river from the bridge (Bunces Crossing) and it is a permit fishing area.

RPA-44 Connetquot River SP - Shanty Line Rd
Connetquot State Park in Islip Terrace. Continued further along the trails from the previous cache. The recommended route was from a different direction but once you're in the park, you might as well hit them all this way.

JMB-35 Rise of the Evil Micros: Chapter 1
Peppermint Park in Medford. Crafty hide but not difficult enough to be called "Evil".

Squassux Landing - H13
Squassux Landing in Brookhaven. Based on the signs in the area, this is located next to the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge. Not a bad view of the Carmans River from there.

Wertheim - H12
Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge in Shirley. On the White Oak Nature Trail, apparently the only trail in the area that isn't closed to the public for some reason. Easy loop walk on a finely graveled path and another view of the Carmans River.

Cache Withdrawal
Manorville. Unusual location near the Long Island Expressway.

WRR-11 Bald Hill-No Not That One!
Peconic Hills County Park in Riverhead. Not a very high hill but it is a hill nevertheless. GPS malfunctioned about 300 feet away so the cache was found via a blind search.

WRR-10 Rt. 51 Paumanok Trail
Peconic Hills County Park in Riverhead. Went back to the car to get the backup GPS and went back on the trail for this cache. Easy walk although there is considerable damage to the trail from ATVs.

M&M-12 Rocky Point Twinkie
Rocky Point DEC Area in Rocky Point. A simple walk and find.


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