Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Camden County (mostly)

Weather wasn't too bad once the rain stopped. Got up to 70°F and was still in the upper 60s towards sunset. Got 9 caches. 6 of them are multistage caches so that took more work but the funny thing is the multicaches didn't necessarily take longer than the single caches. Indeed the last cache, which was a single cache, was more than a 3-mile round trip from parking.

Troll Treasures In Da Park (New Jersey)
Roosevelt Park in Edison.

Pompeston Creek (New Jersey)
Pompeston Creek Watershed in Moorestown.

Family Tree (New Jersey)
Colestown Cemetery in Cherry Hill.

Cooper River Cache #4 - Kids or Pooches (New Jersey)
Camden County Park (Cooper River) in Cherry Hill.

Cooper River Cache #3 (New Jersey)
Camden County Park (Cooper River) in Merchantville.

N I N O ' S C A C H E (New Jersey)
Haddon Heights.

Lost World Suburban Wilderness 4 The Final Chapter (New Jersey)
Lost World Park in Barrington. Lost World, perhaps, because of all the dinosaurs.

Tavern On The Big Timber (New Jersey)
Gabreil Daveis Tavern in Glendora. Historic site and nature area although not much by way of signage.

Hike of the Wheelabrator! (New Jersey)
Wheelabrator-Gloucester Wildlife Refuge. This is a long and convoluted trail going around the back of the Wheelabrator waste plant, which converts garbage to energy. An interesting and easy walk that leads to the banks of the Delaware River but rather long.


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