Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island and I-CON

Headed out a bit earlier in the morning in order to get to I-CON before the 10am geocaching panel. Saw an accident happen on the LIE. I heard a horrible scraping sound and then I noticed that a car had flipped over and was sliding along the concrete divider.

Ran into jbadger near the guest registration area and so we went to Old Chemistry for the panel. As it turned out, we were the only ones on the panel. The other two panelists didn't show up. Not that it really mattered anyway. Because of the early hour, attendance was a mere half dozen and everyone was already a geocacher so the panel turned into a geochat.

After that, we headed out to find a temporary cache hidden by smrgol_t_kirin. Neither of us were getting good readings as the area was near a building. jbadger found it after some searching around.

Since there wasn't too much going on at the con, I headed out for a bunch of geocaches.

Brookhaven. Not sure what this area is, other than that it is behind a cemetery.

JMB-37 Brookhaven Bookcrossing Library (New York)
Post-Morrow Preserve in Brookhaven.

U2? - H15 (New York)
Post-Morrow Preserve in Brookhaven. This seems to be the undeveloped part of the park as there are no trails and lots of stream-hopping.

WRR-12 Chapman's Walk Two (New York)
Suffolk County Parklands in Manorville. The disconcerting part about this area is the large bottle of red and white pills I saw on the ground not far from the cache. Someone's drug stash?

WRMP (New York)
Wading River Marsh Preserve in Wading River. Lots of bamboo in some spots here.

JMB-36 Rise of the Evil Micros. Chapter 2 (New York)
Port Jefferson.

Went back to I-CON after that. I guess there still wasn't much going on. Hung around in the hallway for a bit and then everyone left for a sushi run. I wasn't going for the sushi so I stopped at the Long John Silver's in Patchogue to take out a family pack of fish and then I went home.
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