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Word to Microsoft Word

More free stuff from Microsoft? Egads! A book arrived in the mail today: "First Look Microsoft Office 2003" by Katherine Murray. A Microsoft Press publication, of course. Most of the book seems to be an overview of the Microsoft Office System but I ought to at least read the section on Microsoft OneNote to see what that's all about.

Also, while on that topic, I just found out that Microsoft Office 2003 does not have an import filter for Lotus Word Pro. In fact, the way to convert a Word Pro document to Word is to run Word Pro and save the document in Word format. Okay... Well, it's a good thing then I wasn't going to get rid of Lotus Smartsuite. :)

Went to Circuit City in Paramus this evening. I hardly ever go there but every time I do, I find it bizarre and a little frustrating. When you buy something, instead of checking out in front of the store, you have to find one of the terminals scattered around the store. If there's a salesperson there, then fine. Otherwise, you have to keep looking around the store for another terminal that is manned. Also, if the salesperson is already attending to a customer at the terminal then forget it and keep going because some of them are so slow that they take as long as ten minutes to check out one customer purchasing one item! Gee, wonder why CC's revenues are going down.

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