Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Not the Game of Chicken

The scariest thing today was this afternoon when I came across someone driving on the wrong side of a divided road. Good thing there are two lanes so we just passed each other without colliding. But boy, that sure seemed like an awkward and bizarre couple of seconds.

Bought dinner at Popeye's Chicken this evening because I had a coupon. Funny thing is when they packed it up, they put in another sheet of coupons. Not that it's necessarily a good thing to do but now I have enough coupons to have Popeye's chicken every evening for two weeks.

I pulled all my money out of T. Rowe Price mutual funds today as I simply can't reward incompetence. They screwed up my mother's account and we have been working to correct that but over the last half dozen or so phone calls, they have come up with a different story each time and they have been unhelpful even after they have been shown to be poor and shoddy in their recordkeeping. I know this is by no means the experience that most investors have with T. Rowe Price but I put in the redemption orders preemptively as I can't take that chance with my own money. And as I said, on principle, I can't reward incompetence. I'll write more about this if the situation does not get resolved.
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