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NJ Caching

Found 8 geocaches today in Morris, Passaic and Sussex Counties in New Jersey. Got 9 finds, actually, because I came across a locationless cache on the way home. It's remarkable that absolutely nothing went wrong. All the caches were easy to find and none were too difficult to access. Actually something was wrong with one of the caches, which was open and whose contents had spilled out onto the ground, but that's still a find. I tried my best to put the cache back as it was and described the situation in my log so hopefully the owner will fix up the cache soon. Hard to tell what happened. I don't think it was plundered though because the Where's George dollar bill was still tucked inside the logbook, albeit rather soggy.

Also used a number of shortcuts, the most extreme one being a quarter mile bushwhack through a narrow strip of woods versus a 1 to 1.5 mile hike on the official trail from the trailhead further up the same road. The oddest thing is there's a better parking area at the bushwhack entrance than the trail entrance! Go figure.

Tomorrow... possibly Westchester and Long Island... Must have fish and root beer. :)


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