Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

So what do I do after finding 12 caches yesterday and hitting #2500? Head over to Long Island and find another 12 caches, of course! It's strange the way things go sometimes. In contrast to yesterday's great weather, it was cold and cloudy today and it rained lightly several times throughout the day.

Mac-13 (New York)
Anthony Casamento Park in Bay Shore. Coordinates seemed a bit off so it took a bit longer to find this cache.

Mac-7 WG in Islip? (New York)
Raymond St. Dock in Islip. Quick park and grab.

Mac-8 (New York)
East Islip Marina in East Islip. Easy to find but many ways to get there. As is often the case, took the swampy way in and the easy way out.

RUSH-1 (New York)
Michael Buckley Park in Bohemia.

Park and Hide - H17 (New York)
Park And Ride Lot in Farmingville.

Princess Bride - H16 (New York)
Cathedral Pines County Park in Middle Island. This is a puzzle cache where you get the coordinates by answering a question about The Princess Bride. I haven't seen the movie but I was able to get the answer when I found the movie script on the web. Once that was done, it's a fairly standard geocache.

WRR-13 Lake View Trail (New York)
Brookhaven State Park in Ridge. Near Lake Panamoka.

JMB-38 David's Point (New York)
Terrell River County Park in Center Moriches. Probably didn't take an optimal route to this cache because it ended up being a bunch of small trails in the woods followed by a short bushwhack through the tall reeds.

Mac-9 (New York)
Terrell River County Park in Center Moriches. Rather straightforward walk and find even if the main path was quite convoluted.

Breakwater Backwater (New York)
Breakwater Beach in Mattituck. A walk over the sand.

Mac-12 (New York)
Near the submarine base monument in New Suffolk.

You Get One Call! (New York)
Parking area and police station off the Southern State Parkway in Valley Stream. Did this one at night after dinner on the way home.


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