Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rockland County and North Jersey

Stayed in home territory for once. There were some new nearby geocaches that ordinarily I'd go for at lunchtime but I figured I'd save them for a weekend when I don't want to do quite as much driving. And today is it. (So I didn't actually save them for very long.) Anyway, it was a nice sunny day and it got pretty warm after the morning chill went away.

Nadiasmirnoff's Stash (New York)
Nike Park in Nyack.

Cruella's Cache (New York)
Nike Park in Nyack.

Mucker (New Jersey)
Ringwood Manor State Park in Ringwood. Ringwood Manor is an unusual place to visit with all those Victorian sculptures and artifacts in the yard. The cache is out quite a bit on the trail but not too hard to access.

Billy Bob's Cache Site #1 (New Jersey)
Skylands State Park in Ringwood. Up on top of the hill looking down on creation and the only explanation...

A Mine is a Terrible Thing (New Jersey)
Norvin Green State Park in Bloomingdale. The cache is in an iron mine tunnel so that's an interesting place to go. Can't be totally sure about the safety but the surrounding bedrock has been stable for a long time.

Randolph Riches (New Jersey)
Brundage Park in Randolph. This is one of the gravel paths known simply as Randolph Trails.

Dude, Where's my Cache? (New Jersey)
Succasunna. According to the cache description, this is the site of a dude ranch that had a hotel, a horse barn and a rifle range. Of course, nothing of that era remains but there's a cache now in the wooded area.

Duck Season - Wabbit Season (New Jersey)
Black River WMA in Chester.


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