Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

A mixed-weather kind of day. It was pretty warm until some time in the afternoon when it got very windy and cold. Then again, it could be the Southern shore of Long Island that's the most affected by the wind. The last cache was found at dusk on the way home. It's surprising how the NYC parks are still bustling with activity in the evening. At dusk everywhere else, there'd be no one remaining in the park and the gates would be locked. Not so in that park next to the Cross Island Parkway. Even the ice cream truck was still there!

Moomba Cache (New York)
John Golden Park in Bayside.

Have A Seat (New York)
Elmont. I don't think this is officially a park. It appears to be an abandoned onramp/offramp from the Cross Island Parkway to the Belmont Park Racetrack.

JMB-42 Toad Pond (New York)
West Hills County Park in Melville. Met scrmndmn, another group of geocachers, at the cache site.

JMB-41 Time to Burn (New York)
West Hills County Park in Melville. This is the site of a building that burned down. No info has been posted on what that building was though.

Arboretum (New York)
Arboretum Park in Huntington.

west brook (New York)
Connetquot River State Park in East Islip. This location is a tunnel, where the Long Island Greenbelt Trail goes under the Sunrise Highway.

JMB-40 Byron Lake 20 Minute Multi (New York)
Byron Lake Park in Oakdale.

JMB-43 Cory Beach Gazebo (New York)
Cory Beach in Blue Point. Interesting gazebo on a boardwalk that goes out over the water.

Bayside. This park is a mere strip of land between the Cross Island Parkway and the Long Island Sound but it has a skating rink and a paved walking/jogging path.


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