Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Perils of Chestnut Ridge

Saw this URL on a bumper sticker:
I don't think Libeskind's design is as bad as they're painting it but the spire does look a bit out of place in Lower Manhattan. Why not rebuild the Twin Towers? There is already a lot of NYC imagery featuring them so it's the simplest choice.

Saw a pretty bad accident on my way home. A car was completely off the road and it had knocked down two poles. (a traffic sign and a lamppost) I have to wonder why accidents happen on this road. It's a rather broad straight road with traffic lights, and so it doesn't seem particularly dangerous. Hope it isn't from reading bumper stickers.

The free seminar at Capella is underway. I registered with that seminar so I could try out all the online classroom features without committing to a real course. The discussion forum is pretty easy to use although it has some quirks. For instance, opening a post in a new window loses all the navigation and command buttons. Also, the threaded view under the posts isn't ordered in a useful way so I turned that off. It is better than Livejournal in one way though. You can edit comments. :)
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