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Long Island

Not a bad day although it got colder and rained a little towards the end of the day. Built a makeshift bridge at Sans Souci Creek by dragging fallen trees and tossing them over the creek. That worked pretty well even if I had my doubts about the strength of the logs. Feel The Burn was an interesting walk into a burnt (forest fire) dwarf pine forest. You can see all the way around from up there and I was glad I made that last stop even if I was getting rather tired by that time.

Easy to Overlook (New York)
Overlook Park in East Elmhurst. A bit out of my way since I usually take the Cross Island Parkway directly to Nassau and Suffolk Counties but the driving was easy today and so it was a quick pickup.

West Hills CITO Cache (New York)
West Hills County Park in Melville.

Mac-15 (New York)
Heckscher State Park in East Islip. This is the beginning of the LI Greenbelt Trail. This part follows the beach for a bit.

RUSH-2 (New York)
Holbrook. Unnamed wooded area behind a Fedex warehouse.

JMB-46 Sans Souci Creek (New York)
Sans Souci County Park. I don't know which was more interesting about this cache hunt: Walking through a paintball battlefield or building a bridge that actually worked? I was a neutral party so I proceeded slowly and got through the area where the paintball game was going on. I'm not even sure if paintball is allowed in this park but it's not my place to question. Then I came across the creek. I didn't want to wade across but there were some fallen trees nearby so I pulled them to the creek and tossed them over. Once I had two logs side-by-side going across the creek, I was able to cross the creek easily. A little later, Cat in the Hat came by and used the bridge too.

JMB-45 Sans Souci Lakes (New York)
Sans Souci County Park. 2-stage cache. The first stage was hidden in an unusual manner. I got distracted by something else that was colorful and then I saw the cache. Then I wanted to see what was on the other side of the lake. Turned out to be a girl scout camp. So I went back and fellow geocacher Cat in the Hat was there. So we did the second stage as a team.

JMB-44 Awareness (New York)
Cathedral Pines County Park in Middle Island. According to the cache description, this will be the midpoint of the Long Island Breast Cancer Walk.

Bear Trap (New York)
Brookhaven Nature Preserve in Middle Island. 4-stage cache. Bushwhacked most of the way between the stages. There were probably trails but I think it would have been a much longer walk to use them.

"Feel the burn" (New York)
Dwarf pine forest in Westhampton. Spectacular scenery because while you're on top of the ridge, you can see the burnt short pines in all directions. It's a strange feeling being the tallest object for a good fraction of a mile in all directions. Hmm... probably not a good idea to be there when there's lightning.


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