Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

NY/NJ State Line

Pretty much kept within a few miles of the state line starting from the Northwest corner of New Jersey and then continued into Orange County. Today's objective was a maintenance visit to my cache in High Point State Park but once that was done, there was still plenty of time to go for a bunch more caches. Rather good weather today. The weather forecast said there would be a chance of rain but that never happened.

Observe This! (New Jersey)
High Point State Park in Montague. Near an observation deck along the scenic drive. Could it not get any more scenic?

Limpidity-2: ^^^ High Point ^^^ (New Jersey)
High Point State Park in Montague. Along the Monument Trail on the ridge. Maintenance visit on my cache. It was still in good condition after more than 2 years! Added some fresh logbooks and a travel bug.

284 State Line (New Jersey)
Appalachian Trail in Sussex.

Pochuck Bypass (New Jersey)
Appalachian Trail in Vernon. On the map, this appears to be a narrow strip of the Wawayanda State Park. It's probably just the Appalachian Trail plus a few hundred feet on either side. Anyway, I took the shorter route to the cache so I didn't use the boardwalk, although I hear it is spectacular.

OLD STAGE 3 OF 2003 CACHE HUNT (New Jersey)
Wawayanda State Park in Highland Lakes. Cache was located next to a park road so it did not require a long walk. One thing I learnt is the main entrance to the park is on the Warwick Turnpike but there may be other ways in?

GC8 (New York)
Wooded area overlooking Greenwood Lake (the lake) in Greenwood Lake. (the town) Rather interesting walk up to the ridge although the cliff could be dangerous.

Goose Pond Shelter (New York)
Goose Pond Mountain State Park in Chester. Easy walk in on an old road. The structure of intrigue next to the cache is probably a root cellar, according to the cache description. It definitely has that Blair Witch quality to it.

Horse Trail (New York)
Highland Lakes State Park in Middletown. Horse trails everywhere. I did the cache between the first and second stages of Backyard Cache and thus I made a loop around the lake.

Highland Lakes State Park in Middletown. Made a detour between the first and second stages to get the Horse Trail cache. Quite a long walk to get to the final stage but no problems finding any of the stages.


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