Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

NYC + Suffolk

So this is 30%-chance-of-rain weather. It rained a little while and then remained cloudy the whole day. Puttered around Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, visiting some caches that usually I wouldn't have bothered with because the city is hard to drive through. It was the day of the Bike Tour and also an event called the Toy Run, according to the banners along the roads. I thought there would be delays but luckily, neither of the two events affected the route I took. After Gerritsen Beach, there was still time so I headed over to Suffolk County to bag a few more caches.

Old Way In (New York)
Fort Tryon Park in Manhattan. Supposedly, this gate was the old entrance to this location. This is also where you can see the big archway.

Whos' buried in Grants Tomb?? (New York)
Grant's Tomb in Manhattan.

In Planeview (New York)
Pocket park in East Elmhurst.

Highland Park 1 (New York)
Highland Park in Ridgewood.

Spring Creek Park (New York)
Spring Creek Park in Howard Beach.

Gerritsen BeachCombing (New York)
Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn. There is some junk in here. Also saw a sidewalk flower and a painted hydrant.

BB Heaven - H20 (New York)
Baseball Heaven Sports Complex in Medford.

Upper River - H19 (New York)
Southaven Park in Yaphank.

Mac-16 Manorville Hills (New York)

Mac-10 Paumanok Path (New York)
Paumanok Path in Manorville.


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