Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

On the subject of automobiles...

Oil change this evening. Mileage is 174,774. Also needed new windshield wipers. I should probably change those myself but eh.

Drove past the Saddle River Exxon along the way and... it's gone! The building's still there but the sign and gas pumps are gone. This gas station was always the price leader, and by that I mean highest, not lowest. It was always 20-30 cents per gallon above the neighborhood average. One might say that with the recent gas price increases, everyone else caught up and so it lost its raison d'être. (Nah, it probably got sold.)

Then, as I usually do, I took a shortcut via Airmount Avenue, a not-so-quiet residential street connecting the Franklin Turnpike to Route 17 in Ramsey. As I drove past, two kids standing outside one of the houses started waving. Bizarre. See, in Northern NJ, it's so rare for strangers to start waving that you've got to wonder if you're suddenly driving the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile or something. :)

Picked up a LoJack brochure while waiting. According to the brochure, "a vehicle is stolen every 25 seconds in the United States". That's about 3,500 cars a day. However, there are over 200 million household vehicles in the United States so it would take about 150 years for all the cars to be stolen and so that statistic isn't really as alarming as it sounds at first.

LoJack does nothing about car break-ins, however. So maybe there should be a counterpart to LoJack, called HiJack. Then when someone breaks in, the doors will lock and the car will drive itself to the nearest police station. :)

And finally, the evil test meme:
(borrowed from lostinjersey)

I am 12% evil.

I try to stay away from evil deeds but succumb to temptation every once in a while. I'm not quite on my way to hell but I certainly have some explaining to do.

Are you evil? find out at


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