Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Here's George

Went out to find the Here's George geocache in Stony Point, NY this afternoon. The weather was pretty good. Sunny. Perhaps a bit on the hot side. The cache is at the Wayne-Washington Lookout Park, which features a not-too-bad view from the top of the hill. The park is located in the midst of a new housing development of McMansions. It was a little hard to find because the sign had fallen down. I had to lift the sign up to take that picture and I left it propped up to make it easier for the next visitor. A short distance down the trail, there's another sign giving the historical info on the location.

Finding the geocache was a piece of cake. One uncommon feature about this geocache is it is a geocache/letterbox hybrid. Letterboxing is similar to geocaching except that instead of coordinates, you are given directions (usually involving landmarks and compass readings) and clues to get there. As an example, here's the letterbox page for Here's George. Actually, since letterboxing is about a century older than geocaching, I should make the opposite comparison that geocaching is like letterboxing, except with coordinates instead of directions. The other characteristic of letterboxing is instead of signing the logbook as in a geocache, you're supposed to bring a rubber stamp to stamp the logbook. Each letterboxer will have his own rubber stamp design to leave his personal mark. And you're also supposed to bring a personal logbook in which you stamp using the rubber stamp from the letterbox. Again, that will be a different design for each letterbox so you can collect them all! In that way, you keep a personal record of all the letterboxes you've visited in your own logbook and the letterbox has a record of all the visitors identified by the rubber stamps they use.

Anyway, this geocache, being a hybrid, has two logbooks: one for geocachers and one for letterboxers. And it has a custom rubber stamp. I'm no letterboxer so I just signed the logbook. Actually, I signed the wrong book at first so I ended up signing both. Oh well. I think that it would be simpler though to just have one logbook that everyone can sign or stamp in.

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