Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

New Jersey, then the Lehigh Valley

Sunny day. Not too hot or cold. Found 5 caches in New Jersey and then 5 caches in Pennsylvania in the Lehigh Valley so there was a good balance there. Stopped by Picasso Pizza in Bethlehem afterwards since I hadn't been there in a long time. (Picasso Pizza is somewhat of a Where's George mecca as the pizza brothers, Pino and Biagio, are big-time Georgers.)

Thor's Thunder (New Jersey)
Hilltop Reservation in Caldwell.

Caber Tossing Cache (New Jersey)
Hilltop Reservation in Caldwell. This cache was hard to see because it was tiny -- about the size of my thumb.

Hilltop CITO Memorial Cache 2004 (New Jersey)
Hilltop Reservation in Caldwell. This is the site of the Essex County Sanitarium, which has been demolished and turned into a park. Of course, now that there are nuts running around in these woods and fields finding geocaches, one might say that not much has changed. :)

Whitetail Kache (New Jersey)
Tower Hill Nature Preserve in Asbury.

Roaring Rock Park Cache (New Jersey)
Roaring Rock Park in Washington. All the time I was there, I didn't hear a single roar come out of any of the rocks. :) There was a man washing his truck in the parking area. And he was still washing his truck when I was done with the geocache and ready to leave.

Time Tunnel (Pennsylvania)
Riverview Park in Palmer Township. This is a nice walk by the river followed by a walk under the tunnel and back to the parking area via another paved path, making a loop. Funny thing is, despite the name of the park, I didn't take any pictures of the river. Instead, I got pictures of the tunnel, the cliffs and some yellow hose by the maintenance building. Go figure.

Lock It Up (Pennsylvania)
Lehigh Canal Towpath in Bethlehem. The funny thing about this cache is there is a letterbox within 30 feet of it and everyone found the letterbox first because the cache is tricky. In fact, I checked the letterbox logbook and some geocachers have signed in.

Solemn Cache (Pennsylvania)
Saint Michael's Cemetery in Bethlehem. This cemetery isn't very well-maintained. A lot of the headstones have fallen over.

Wage Slave Golf (Pennsylvania)
Lehigh Valley Center Office Complex in Bethlehem. Parked in one of the office parking lots and it was a quick cache. I'm not sure this is supposed to be a public area but it doesn't seem that anyone would mind.

Just Another Walk in the Park (Pennsylvania)
Canal Park in Allentown. An easy walk by the canal and on the towpath, followed by a slippery scramble up the muddy slope.


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