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Oh no, here I go again

Received an e-mail from an AOL user today. All it said was "20/M/CA... are you interested?" Umm... thanks, but no thanks.

ShopRite of Hillsdale has joined the George-unfriendly gang. Frankly, I don't see what good refusing a handful (or fistful?) of Where's George dollars from me will do. Since they are only 5 miles away, they get many more than that just from other non-georging customers bringing those in. I have 48,000+ bills out there so in georging terms, they happen to be in MY neighborhood. Not the other way around.

Not going to fight it though. Where's George is only a hobby and hardly worth getting into an argument over. I'll just not go there any more.

Anyway, here's the George-unfriendly list:

  1. A&P of Woodcliff Lake
  2. Staples of Park Ridge
  3. A&P of Jefferson Twp
  4. ShopRite of Hillsdale
  5. K-Mart of Paramus
  6. Taco Bell of Nanuet, NY

And for completeness, here's the rest of the boycott list, for bad customer service:

  1. KFC of Pearl River, NY
  2. KFC of Ramsey
  3. Taco Bell of Park Ridge
  4. ShopRite of Paramus
  5. Boston Market of Park Ridge
  6. Subway of Nanuet, NY
  7. K-Mart of Westwood
  8. McDonald's in Paramus Park Mall
  9. Stern's Dept Store, Paramus (gone)
  10. Wo Hup Restaurant, NYC
  11. DePiero Farms, Montvale

Only hundreds of stores left in Northern NJ and Rockland... who's next?

The irony is it is usually the stores and restaurants I like that go out of business.

And continuing in the theme of games of senseless destruction, Ant City is a Flash game where you control a giant magnifying glass and use it to burn people, cars, trucks and other objects. Got the link from the geocaching forums, of all places. :)

Finally, why doesn't Windows retain my MouseKey settings? Don't they know that's vital for the Kill Everyone Project? :)


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