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The Campus Cache popped up last night so I went to look for it. The timing was bad because today was Commencement Day! I think someone looking for a cache amidst the robes-and-mortarboard gang would have been a bit out of place. :) Anyway, it turned out that the cache owner hadn't placed the cache yet as he thought that the approval process would take longer than it did. Ugh!

Here's what's troubling though: In the web form at the geocaching website to submit a new cache, one of the fields is "Date Placed". If you haven't placed the cache yet, how exactly would you fill in that field? How much clearer could it be that the cache has to be placed before the cache info is submitted?

I got a newsletter in the mail from the Footprints in the Sand Foundation. Apparently, it is a charity whose mission is to financially assist Montvale area families with medical and educational needs. That seems like a strangely specific geographic area for such a charity though. The town only has 7,000 residents, of which only 62 are below the poverty level. Normally I'd assume such a charity would cover a wider area, such as this county, several counties or even the whole state.

I'm doing a book trade with Bluestar741 at BookCrossing. (BookCrossing is like Where's George but instead of tracking dollar bills, you tag and track books.) I picked up this BookCrossing book from a geocache a long time ago and I've been very slow about reading it and leaving it in another geocache so it has been sitting in my BookCrossing inventory all this while. Anyway, another BookCrossing user saw the book and wants to trade for it. So I'll mail the book to her next week and she can surprise me with any book she wants to send back as a trade. (And later, I may place that book in a geocache.)

I also received an invitation to join the TechiWarehouse Art Showcase because the webmaster saw my art on Yerf. I get weird requests and stuff all the time so I don't really have time to check everything out fully but this doesn't look like spam, at least. And I see Kelvin The Lion has already joined. :)

I still have to finish scanning the old logbook I retrieved from my High Point geocache when I did the maintenance run. Already have some scans here but I'm a long way from scanning over 2 years of logs.

I got a link request because apparently one of my websites comes up ranked 25th when searching Google for "albany chinese restaurant". I checked and indeed it does. However, that web page is a con report and has no informational content about Albany, Chinese restaurants or Chinese restaurants in Albany. So what's the point in trading links with a food website?

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