Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lilli Marlene

Lilli Marlene
Went for this geocache in the evening. It is located on the pier (info and info plus panorama) in Piermont, NY. The pier extends about a mile out into the Hudson River. During World War II, it was the point of embarkation for soldiers from Camp Shanks heading to the European Theater of Operations. So by walking the length of the pier starting from Piermont Village, you are following the footsteps of 1.3 million G.I.s. Now, it is a linear park with a paved roadway for walking and biking. Driving too, if you get a permit. There's a broad view of the Hudson River from anywhere along the pier.

Lilli Marlene is this song, a wartime favorite during the 1940s.

Also went to the post office today to mail the book to the Bookcrossing member who wanted to trade. Pretty uneventful except for some road construction (or should I say destruction as they were digging a big hole in the road?) along the way.
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