Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Campus Cache, again

The last time I went to Campus Cache, I found that it was Commencement Day at the campus and the place was very, very busy. Also, the cache wasn't actually there yet. Today, I saw a note posted that the cache was in place so I went again and it was a snap to find. It's at the St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill.

I had a coupon from Borders. It's a percent discount coupon that's printed on a receipt at checkout time. I couldn't use it right away as it was only valid starting on May 14th so I put it some place where I could remember, or so I thought. Today, I needed the coupon. The problem was I didn't remember where I put it. I searched on the desk by the computer. I checked the kitchen table, which oddly enough is where most of the receipts are kept. I even looked in the glove compartment and under the seats of my car, just in case, but to no avail. Then finally I remembered that it was pinned under a magnet on the fridge.

Anyway, here's a picture of the fridge. No wonder I can't find anything here!

Picture of the fridge

This started with a few magnets. Then I added more. And more. And one day, I realized that I couldn't see much of the fridge!

The magnets came from many sources. Some are obviously promo items from businesses. Some are emergency info magnets from post offices, police and fire departments. Some were trade items or prizes for the first/second/third finders from geocaches. Some were purchased at conventions. Some were from purchased at touristy places during vacations in years past. The plain bar and ring magnets were from a hardware store.

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