Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

It's Not Unusual to Hunt this Cache

There was a horrific accident in the middle of the Garden State Parkway and I-287 intersection. Fortunately, (but not fortunately for those who were in the accident) I wasn't delayed for too long and soon arrived at Harriman State Park for the following cache:

Shelters of Harriman: Tom Jones
This one's located near the peak of Tom Jones Mountain, which has a decent view. Actually, the location is closer to this shelter, for which the cache description provides a brief history. As the description also says, the cache is in the cliff so there was a little bit of tough climbing to do. However, I was able to construct a step using rocks and pieces of wood found nearby and that was enough to get a leg up and retrieve the cache. (Enough exercising for one day. Whew.)

FBI warns of possible suicide attacks
According to the FBI, look out for people wearing bulky jackets on warm days. Hmm... well, I guess they haven't been to New York City, where the homeless wear their entire wardrobes even during the summer. And such a warning is not going to help us later on during the winter when everyone is wearing a heavy coat. What will we do then?
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