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Long Island Saturday

Usually, I go to Long Island on Sunday when road traffic is at a minimum. This time, I went on Saturday in order to get a library cache in Brookhaven. The library isn't open on Sunday. Traffic wasn't that bad once I got into Nassau and Suffolk County. The main holdup was at the George Washington Bridge where there was construction but I sidestepped that by taking the Tappan Zee Bridge and driving through Westchester. Not the best way to go but waiting in the hour-long delay at the GWB would have been far worse.

What I found was geocaching activity is indeed higher on Saturdays, presumably because that's when all the diehard LI geocachers go for the new caches. Indeed I ran into two cachers, SYNCORE and JMBella, at cache sites.

Used $14.50 of gas. (7.33 gallons)

If You Can't Find This Cache, You're An Idiot! (New York)
Valley Stream. Somewhat of an urban cache as it isn't in a park and there were people around, including someone who was sleeping in a car next to it! SYNCORE came by and we found this cache together.

Old Gas! (New York)
Pagan-Fletcher House in Valley Stream. Pretty well-hidden cache but I got a tip from SYNCORE about finding it. Turns out that I was checking the correct place the previous time but I wasn't bending my arm the right way to get it. Also, there's a running joke in the cache logs about folks backing into the old gas pump while turning their cars around in the small parking lot.

Mac-20 WG in Bayshore (New York)
Bayshore Marina in Bayshore.

Cooking Up a Cache at Timberline Park (New York)
Timberline Park in Brentwood. This recipe-swap cache has been relocated several times for different reasons. This is its third location. Hope it stays this time.

JWK626 - Million $ Cache (New York)
Canaan Lake in Patchogue. Predominantly a fishing area with some small trails in the woods.

Brookhaven Free - H14 (New York)
Brookhaven Free Library in Brookhaven. This is a library cache so I gave the Dewey decimal number to one of the librarians and she found the special book in mere seconds. I think they're either already in on the game or they'll be if every geocacher who comes in asks for help in finding this particular number.

Mac-19 Paumanok Hike 2 (New York)
Robert Cushman Murphy County Park in Manorville. Short walk along the Paumanok Path but even shorter bushwhack directly from the road!

Mac-18 Paumanok Hike 1 (New York)
Robert Cushman Murphy County Park in Manorville. Didn't see the Paumanok Path at all even though the cache is supposedly near the path. Also a short bushwhack from where I parked but there were some faint hunter trails to make the walk easier.

JWK626 - Horton - Cache1 (New York)
Horton's Point Lighthouse in Southold.

JWK626 - Long Creek - Cache2 (New York)
Long Creek in Southold.

Mac-6 Greenport (New York)
Inlet Pond County Park in Greenport.


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