Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

One goes out and another comes in

Got a RMA number for the eTrex Legend so I took it to the post office to send it back to Garmin for repairs.

Came home in the evening and saw that there was a delivery notice on the door. So I went to the Fedex office in Mahwah to pick up the laptop. 5 days from ordering to delivery is pretty fast! Way ahead of Dell's projected delivery date too, which was one week into June.

All the software is preloaded so the setup merely involved a few configuration items, naming the machine, entering the WEP password and boom, it's on the net. Had to disable Internet Connection Firewall on the desktop though so that I could mount drives and transfer files to the laptop but I think that was a bit redundant anyway as the desktop already had ZoneAlarm. Then I installed all the Windows updates, and then Vim, Opera, Firefox, ZoneAlarm, dnet and ncftp. Essentially, it's ready to go, although the keyboard will take some getting used to. Also, I'll have to read the manual to find out what all the Fn keys do.
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