July 11th, 2002

chestnut ramune

It's the middle of summer and the woods are full of bear poop...

... so it's great to be able to find a cache at home sitting on my butt. I was looking at some Philly-area caches a few days ago and out popped one virtual to which I have already been. So I knew what it was and could log it. Ehh... maybe I'll see it again on the way to Anthrocon.

Well, it happened again today. I got the info and pictures for a particular locationless cache but couldn't find the cache listing. For some reason, it wasn't tagged as a locationless so it didn't show up in that list. Today, I found the listing and added my log. Good thing I saved all the pictures, coordinates and other details.

It's after midnight now so the journey to Anthrocon begins later today. The packing's almost all done -- not bringing that much stuff anyway. I'll try to hit some caches on the way there. :)

No, I'm not obsessed at all. What gave you that idea? ;)
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