July 14th, 2002

chestnut ramune

Mid-Anthrocon update

Wow, I can add fursuiting to the list of things I've ever done at Anthrocon! Yes, indeed. I did the hallway walks on Friday and Saturday evenings in my unicorn suit. Lots of fun playing around and interacting with the other fursuiters and the furries hanging out there. Quite a number of furs took my picture. Wonder if any of those will show up on the web. And oh yeah, took lots of breaks in the Headless Lounge because boy, does it get hot in there after a while! That's what's good about this con: a special conveniently located room with big fans for fursuiters to cool off. Also got to mix around a bit there and take a look at some interesting costumes close up.

And oh yeah, it's great getting priority at the elevators. :)
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