July 16th, 2002

chestnut ramune

I've reasonably caught up with everything...

... so it's time to take a look at the pile of postal mail.

The round Where's George stamp from Stamp-Connection has arrived! Very cool. Even has a little cardboard guide to help me position the stamp accurately over the seal on the dollar bill.

The only problem is I also ordered a 2oz bottle of Ideal ink and it isn't in the package! I'll have to contact them and see if there's a separate shipment for that item or if someone made a mistake.

Office Max sells those Ideal Ink refills. The reason why I'm now buying those online is the Office Max in Paramus is out of business. Augh! Strange thing is I know of no other Office Max that sells the ink. All this while, I'd assumed that if one Office Max carries a particular item, they all do but I checked some other Office Max branches and that assumption is not always true.

The way things are going around here, it looks like eventually Office Depot and Office Max will both go out of business and all we'll have left is Staples. That will be just too bad.
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