July 17th, 2002

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Anthrocon 2002 Report

I have been to every Anthrocon since it started in 1997 so this year's AC is my sixth! On the whole, it gets better every year with more attendees, better programming and events. I didn't think AC 2001 was quite as good though but this year's certainly was a lot of fun.

I know Uncle Kage asked everyone, in the closing ceremonies, not to bitch about the elevators but they were in pretty bad shape this year. There was an ongoing elevator renovation project underway so that meant one of the four elevators was out of service the whole time during the con. Of the remaining three, one was the bungee elevator. It would shake and jerk around, and stop and open the door up to six inches above the floor. One of the other elevators would stop at every floor, whether or not anyone had pressed the buttons. The last elevator was, to my knowledge, running properly although someone informed me that it skipped lots of floors.

And finally, I still don't understand why the hotel can't cut everyone (who has reserved a hotel room, that is) a break on the parking fees. Yes, the parking is run by an outside firm. That is no excuse. The hotel can't pick up a $5 per day charge? In all likelihood, it won't even cost that much once they negotiate terms with the parking operator.

On to the report...

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