July 18th, 2002

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Ursa Major Awards?

Wha huh? It turns out that the Ursa Major Awards are the equivalent of the Oscars or the Emmys for furry fandom. Voting is done by Confurence attendees and as I've never been to Confurence, I never heard about the Ursa Majors.

Apparently, my comic strip Limpidity was nominated for Best Anthropomorphic Comic Book or Strip. Why does no one tell me these things? :) Of course, mine was one of a group of around forty nominees. Nevertheless it looks like a pretty respectable bunch of comic strips so it is an honor to have been considered.

Ahh... there's nothing like a strap of crisp sequential bills ready to enter into Where's George. :) And these happen to be series 2001 fives. Just beautiful.

So why are bills with sequential serial numbers good? For one thing, bill entry is fast. Most of the serial number doesn't change from one bill to the next so all you need to do to enter another bill is hit the Back button (or use the Back shortcut key) and change the last digit of the serial number. With a little practice, you could enter a strap of bills in just a few minutes.

The other advantage is crisp new bills will remain in circulation longer than your average bill that's halfway to the Fed's shredders. They'll get more hits.

The downside? There is zero chance of finding a Wild George in that strap.

Just went past a keycount of 900,000 over at Project Dolphin today. They are planning to reset all the keycounts when the next version of the client is ready so it'll be back to square one. Oh well. They claim the new client will be cheat proof so perhaps my rank will be a little higher. But the very notion that some people would cheat at a silly thing like this strikes me as funny.

And oh, I added some pictures and made some small changes to my AC 2002 con report.
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chestnut ramune


Not going in to work tomorrow because I have to head down to the bowels of Newark to deal with a government bureaucracy. The main reason this sucks is it's my third time going there and I wouldn't have had to go again if they got my info right the first time! Argh!

It must be wonderful to be a parking lot owner in Newark.

I took the quiz at Find Your Spot. Cute dog, by the way. The top cities it recommended for me are:

  1. Bellingham, WA
  2. Tacoma, WA
  3. Anchorage, AK
  4. Asheville, NC
  5. Lynchburg, VA

Funny how none of those cities are in New Jersey! Har! Har!

The first two aren't surprising given that I stated my preference for a climate that doesn't get too hot or too cold. Wonder how's the geocaching in WA.... Oh, right! That's where it all started!
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