July 23rd, 2002

chestnut ramune

Ever wonder what it's like to...

... spend Where's George dollar bills?

Cashier: Is this your website? (pointing to WG stamp on the bill)
Me: No, it's the Where's George website.
Cashier: Ahhh, I see. (like I actually explained something)

For some reason, I don't think any of those bills will get hits tonight. :)

Looking forward to a geocachers' picnic on Saturday. I was at that park this weekend for a geocache and it looks like they have a nice picnic area with a pavilion in case it rains.
chestnut ramune

Boy, are my fingers tired...

Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 13:29:12 -0500
From: emails@project-dolphin.net
Subject: [ProjDol] You've hit 1,000,000 keys!

Good day, stayfloopy,

This e-mail has been sent to you automatically by http://project-dolphin.net/ to inform you that you've passed a keycount milestone.

Since Jul 19 at 9:33:52pm, you've typed another 50,000 keys, and are now past 1,000,000.

Your total key count now stands at 1,003,227.

Woohoo! 1 million! Still no sign of the new client or the big reset yet. Maybe I'll get to 2 million keys before that happens.

The cachemobile's now at over 108,000 miles so it's time for another oil change. I'll get that done tomorrow. It shouldn't need any new parts this time. The clutch, brakes, spark plug wires (!!), and tires were all replaced within the past year or so. Yup, driving to those far-away geocaches every weekend will do that to your car. :)
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