July 29th, 2002

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The Broken Glasses Blues?

Another madcap dash for cache weekend. A bunch of geocachers have been placing caches all around Bergen County and a number of those were mere miles from where I live. So, on Saturday, it was easy to go around bagging them. After about six of them, it was time for the picnic. I think I was an hour late because it started at 4pm but I was busy with that last cache, which took quite a bit more time than I expected. Had a great time meeting other cachers, the regulars and some new faces. There was also a special picnic cache with a log book and lots of yellow smiley face balls. Pretty funny idea because on the geocaching website, you get a yellow smiley face when you enter a "found" log. It was also the first time I've seen a cache container made of styrofoam. :)

Was having dinner at the Burger King in Ramsey and one screw came off my glasses and rolled away somewhere. Good thing I brought a spare pair. Later that night though I tried to repair my glasses with a repair kit and found that with my almost non-existent dexterity and my big clumsy fingers, it was nearly impossible to manipulate that tiny screw. Is this what macrofurries have to deal with all the time? After quite some time fiddling around with my glasses, the little screwdriver and the tiny screw, I finally managed to get the screw into the assembly and tightened it. Whew!

On Sunday, I did yet another cache dash. This time, it was in Brooklyn for three virtuals and Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk counties) for five regular caches. The highways were surprisingly congestion-free on the way there. Not as good on the way back but still a pretty fast ride for New York City in general. The best part about a trip to Long Island is the Long John Silver's restaurant. The one in West Islip is a combined A&W and Long John Silver's restaurant so you get good fish and good root beer at the same time. Now, that's good eating!
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