August 3rd, 2002

chestnut ramune

Oh My Papa

My father (yes, my parents are visiting) was feeling somewhat tired this morning and had a lack of appetite so I called the doctor for an appointment. The doctor was just about to go on vacation and wasn't taking any new patients so the receptionist referred me to another doctor. I made an appointment for my father at this other doctor then. Later in the afternoon, he was feeling quite a bit better so I called the doctor to cancel the appointment, only to find out that office hours were only in the morning on Friday. That turned out to be a good thing because he was sick again in the evening and had phlegm. (or flam :) ) So the appointment stands... for now. Oi!

Thus we have the moving illness syndrome.

I should never complain about work again. Sat in for a while today at a management meeting and boy, do they have a lot of crap to deal with. All those outlandish customer demands, complicated certification tests, deadlines, comparisons with competitors, magazine reviews, etc, etc, etc... and all I do is sit on my behind all day and pontificate on my section of the code and bonk tech support when they ask the same questions too many times. :)

45,000 bills at next refresh.

Big storm this evening. Good thing there wasn't a power ou
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