August 9th, 2002

chestnut ramune

Pizza day

Went from zero to gold at CyberSurfari in just a few hours today. Either I'm getting better at it or just more obsessed. In previous rounds, I played over several days but I notice they use a lot of the same websites again so repeat players do have a bit of an advantage.

Pizza lunch for everyone at work today. Then everyone fell asleep after that so nothing much happened. Nahhh, just kidding... but it was a slower than usual day anyway.

Had to go to the bank after work. They had a bit of a problem with the coin counting machine and boy, there sure were a whole lot of coins in there. Big bulging bags. So they missed the vault timer and had to wait another 15 minutes to get more money out to cash my check. But hey, I understand. Everyone has a crazy day now and then. Browsed the wireless web while waiting. I considered updating LJ through WAP but given how long it takes to enter text on a cell phone, they'd be done with the vault before I could type in one sentence. :)

Checked the Dell Support website just out of curiosity and found that this computer was shipped on 2/27/1998 and the warranty ran out last year. Uh oh. :) Might be time to upgrade.
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