August 16th, 2002

chestnut ramune

More random complaining about work

A bit of a storm this afternoon and the lights at work went blinky blinky. Half the machines rebooted. It amazes me that hundreds of thousands of dollars of computers aren't protected by UPS. Do we actually need to have a power surge burn everything up before they wise up? Oh, and Windows 2000 takes a heck of a long time to finish booting up (oh sure it's fast booting after a fresh install... wait until you have installed all the drivers and server software on it and see how fast it is. I swear it takes 20 minutes to be all done and ready.) and so what do we do after the lightning hits? dum de dum de dum.

What we apparently call a hot customer, (with this weather? no surprise) who didn't apply the workaround that I provided and refuses to acknowledge that it's a problem with his own darn network setup, now wants someone on-site over the weekend. So everyone else has to be on-call in case the poor fellow who's going on-site needs assistance from home base. Sheesh, the things we have to do for a customer who probably won't appreciate it and will cancel the contract anyway.

Oh well... it's not like there are that many geocaches left to find.
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chestnut ramune

Finished CyberSurfari at last!

I thought I'd check up on CyberSurfari and I noticed that they placed a new link for the broken website and so... I've now found all 100 treasures!!

Here's my certificate... heheh.

Okay, so my mood icon has changed. Turning out to be quite the manic depressive, huh? :)

Here's an odd bill report I got from Where's George today. The dollar bill has been to Afghanistan??
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