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Thursday, August 22nd, 2002

10:37p - Farmer Floopy
Logged this cache first thing in the morning. Okay, so it's a locationless (Look at all those eyeballs rolling!) but I found it interesting that a few of those tractors would be sitting there just a block away from work.

While still on the geocaching subject, I think this is a pretty interesting idea, although I fear for it. The last time someone left a valuable prize ($20 bill) in a cache, the next finder didn't notice it and got so mad at missing it that later, he stole the cache! Hope there are no spoilsports this time around.

This post is the best one I've seen on the Where's George forums in recent memory. Now, that's the way to deal with those who are picky about stamped bills.

Since I'm linking to other websites today, how about Wil Wheaton Dot Net? Yes, the former Wesley Crusher now has a weblog. Check out his entries for 8/22/2002 and 8/20/2002. Good reading.

Stopped by at Borders Bookstore in Ramsey this evening. Wanted to see if they had "Extending and Embedding Perl" but it wasn't in yet. Not sure if I wanted to buy the book so I didn't order it. They did have the latest 2600 magazine though so I got that. And yes, stopped at the bank to cash that Homestead Rebate check into straps of singles for Where's George. Whoopee!

current mood: amused

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