August 29th, 2002

chestnut ramune

3rd Anniversary on Where's George (!

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Got this e-mail from TravelZoo today:

From: "Travelzoo" <>
Subject: Travelzoo Trades Publicly / Symbol: TVZO
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 09:05:29 -0700

To our shareholders:

We have exciting news for you. We are pleased to announce that,
as of yesterday, Travelzoo has commenced trading publicly.

The ticker symbol for Travelzoo is TVZO

Thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely yours,

Ralph Bartel
Chairman & CEO
Travelzoo Inc.

Whoa! They're serious!

This company, a number of years ago, was giving out free shares to anyone who came to the website and filled out a form. At that time, I got three shares, which somehow became six shares later on, and didn't think anything about it. What's it worth now? Oh, about $39. Uhh... I think I'll hang on to those just for fun. :)
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