September 8th, 2002

chestnut ramune

What if that happens to Batman?

Went geocaching in Connecticut again, this time to the areas near Danbury and New Milford, Route 7 north of I-84. Found 7 caches there! One characteristic about this area of Connecticut is quite a number of caches involve steep and rocky terrain and/or long hikes. Not good for softies who got used to South Jersey caching. :) But I dashed to them all anyway. The last one of the day involved crossing a wobbly cable suspension bridge over a river, which was only a bit unnerving but a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, my yellow E-trex lost a rubber nipple somewhere along the way. (waits for snickering to stop) The rubber nipples are the pushbuttons embedded in the rubber grip surrounding the GPS unit. Fortunately, I can still push the naked (oh, there you go again) recessed switch with a fingernail so that will work for a time. However, I really should get a new GPS while I find out if Garmin will repair this one.
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