September 9th, 2002

chestnut ramune

The Accidental Letterboxer

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is I also found a letterbox! The container I found is the first letterbox of the three described on that webpage. It was a mere 50 feet or so from the geocache and as I was making my way up the hill to the geocache, I saw a small tupperware container with a white lid peeking out from behind some small rocks. Thought it was the geocache at first until I saw "Letterbox 1" written on the lid. That's still a pretty neat find.

The opposite has happened too. In reading the logbook, I noticed that some letterboxers found a geocache in Washington Crossing Park (Pennsylvania side) by accident. They wrote a pretty good log about it in the logbook but I don't remember if they signed up for geocaching after the discovery.

In addition, there are some caches on Long Island that function both as letterboxes and geocaches. There are also some letterboxing-style geocaches that only contain a stamp and a logbook. Clearly, there is potential for a lot of crossover between the two sports.

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