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Wednesday, September 11th, 2002

12:48a - Boycott CVS?
It's 9/11 again but I'd rather not write anything about it yet, if that's okay.

Was on my way to the bank when I saw a car with a "Boycott CVS" bumper sticker. CVS is a chain of drugstores headquartered in Rhode Island. I wonder which of the following it is:

  1. Boycott CVS for pulling funding from the Boy Scouts
  2. Boycott CVS because they opened a store in a historic theater in the DC Palisades
  3. Boycott CVS because they pulled out of the North Carolina state health plan
  4. Boycott CVS because the Upper West Side of Manhattan has too many drugstores already
  5. Boycott CVS because they are displacing supermarkets in upstate New York
  6. Boycott CVS because of bad commercials
  7. Boycott CVS because they will send your marijuana photos to the police

Unfortunately, the bumper sticker did not have enough room to be more specific about the boycott. And oh... irony of ironies... where exactly was this car when I saw the bumper sticker? Just across the intersection from a brand new CVS store in my neighborhood!

Speaking of banking, I just got a check from the Anthrocon Art Show. Yes! The odd thing is for all nine comic strips, there were only two winning bidders. I guess others have bid too but the two of them were the most persistent.

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