September 13th, 2002

chestnut ramune


Work? Pretty much as it should be. Waste of time rewriting code because someone else couldn't stick to the design spec, so let's cut out early and go geocaching...

Found this cache and this cache in the Lincoln Park area. Both were easy virtuals and a very short distance apart. After that, I went for a bit of a drive around the area. Pretty weird place. Narrow and hilly roads, dirt roads, secluded mansions... so close to I-287 and yet miles away from the nearest intersection. Found a lake but it was fenced up so there was no cache-hiding potential there. Also found yellow trail blazes joining up with the road. May have to see where that goes if I return.

While upgrading vim on my laptop, I noticed that '_vimrc' works as the config file name under Linux too, in addition to the usual '.vimrc'. Pretty cool because now, I don't even have to bother renaming that file when copying it from a Windows vim installation to a Linux vim installation. And as always, the same '_vimrc' works under both OSes, which is very good considering the large number of custom macros, functions, etc it contains. Ahh... platform independence in a text editor. (I guess some emacs users are going to have a few words to say about this too. :) ) Wonder if anyone has a script to post to LJ from vim.

Also re-tested the laptop's PPP setup and the wireless internet. Works but a bit finicky. Should work well enough near the interstate with all those cellular towers that look like fake pine trees.

The packing continues. Will be heading out Saturday morning.
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chestnut ramune

Why I'm not a Food Critic

Had to submit a 'hold mail' form at the local post office during my lunch break so I decided to use one of the restaurant coupons. Decided to try the Iron Horse as I'd never been there before. In retrospect, it was probably a mistake to order the Philly Cheesesteak because I've already had the real thing and that wasn't it. But that aside, it's your basic average fare surrounded by eccentric train-themed decor. Somewhat like TGI Friday's but instead of all that junk, they have lots of trains. Recommended for at least one visit to see what it's like but not where I'd prefer to dine everyday. Sorry.

Predictably, there were problems just before I was about to leave. Look, you have all year to upgrade to Outlook Express 6. You know it will break e-mail reporting. You do NOT do that just before I go on vacation! Geez. Also, a customer could not get his SQL Server up after restoring the master database. Yeah, sure... after all that master databasing, you expect to get it up? :) Anyway, I stayed a bit later to make sure everything else was in an okay state but it looked like everyone else left so I caught up with some Chaos Manor over at Excellent column. Too bad it's not in print form so I can't take it to the necessary room any more. (So when are we going to get those bathroom internet terminals? :) )

The car's all loaded up now. I discovered that it was impossible to fit all my worldly possessions into one 1995 Saturn SL so I had to cut back a bit on the luggage.

Cool part is there is a geocache on I-95 (or in a rest area, most likely) so I'll see if I can get that on the way.

Will write more once I'm there if I can connect to LJ.
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